Get more podcast followers/subscribers with your new page!

We're excited to announce a new feature to help you grow your podcast audience:!

Like your smart pages that help your podcast get more ratings and reviews, focuses on helping you promote your podcast and get more followers and subscribers with a friendly and speakable URL.

Your page will show only the most popular podcast apps that work for your followers' devices!

Animation of on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Plus, it uses the same URL slug and custom color as your page!

Find your shareable links under the new “Tools” tab on your podcast.

If you haven't already, please visit your podcast's “Settings” tab to set your custom color and URL slug. And while you're there, ensure all your platform links are filled in.

Image of podcast settings inside My Podcast Reviews, showing platform links customization options for shareable pages.
Visit your podcast settings to ensure all platforms are links and you have the right custom color and URL slug for your show.

We've also updated your shareable review pages to include new buttons to “Follow the Podcast” and “Rate and Review.”

Sample shareable review showing new "Follow the Podcast" and "Rate and Review" buttons under the podcast cover art.
Shareable review pages now buttons to “Follow the Podcast” and “Rate and Review.”

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it helpful in growing your podcast audience!


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