Goodpods and Direct Reviews Now Available

We just rolled out two brand new Podgagement features, available now!

1. Goodpods ratings and reviews

As you might guess from the name, Goodpods is like the “Goodreads for podcasts” (or I like to say that Goodreads is the “Goodpods for books”). It's a social podcast player app and website that encourages sharing what you're listening to and connecting with friends so you can see what they like, too.

Goodpods allows their users to give ratings and reviews on your podcast and your individual episodes!

Here's how that looks in Podgagement:

The Goodpods button has already been on your page, so if you already have any ratings and reviews, they'll be automatically collected and sent to you soon (or you might already have them by the time you're reading this)!

2. Collect reviews directly from your audience!

Since ratings and reviews do not affect your ranking in podcast apps (despite that popular myth), the real value is in simply having and using the reviews, regardless of where they exist!

So to make it easier for you and your audience, we just launched the new “direct reviews” feature, available on the Constellation tier!

To enable direct reviews, ensure you're on the Constellation tier (or click here to upgrade!), visit your podcast's “Love page” settings, and then checkmark “Enable collecting direct reviews on your page.” That will activate the form, making your Love page look similar to this:

When someone sends a direct review, it will appear in your ratings and reviews and email notifications as from “” and include their country, just like in-app reviews!

Both of these features are available now!

Goodpods reviews are available for everyone, and direct reviews are exclusive to the Constellation tier. So if you're not already on the Constellation tier, please click here to upgrade and unlock this new way to engage your audience!

If you're not using Podgagement, now is a great time to join (or rejoin) to get these features and many more!


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