How to Check All Your Podcast Reviews and Ratings in Apple Podcasts

Have you seen all your podcast reviews and ratings?

Did you know that when you submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, your podcast gets included in up to 175 different catalogs?

Apple Podcasts has a different catalog for different regions. Each catalog has its own ratings, reviews, rankings, and featured collections.

On top of this, your Apple ID is connected to only 1 of those 175 regions. So when you look at Apple Podcasts, you see only your country's catalog and its contents.

This means your podcast could have ratings and reviews in other countries, and you might never know it unless you go looking!

Here's how to check all those countries for new reviews!

Method 1: Look for podcast reviews in Apple Podcasts Connect

Strap in! This will take a lot of clicks to check your ratings and reviews in Apple Podcasts Connect.

  1. Log into with the Apple ID you used to submit your podcast. (Skip to end of this section if you don't have that account or weren't the one who submitted your podcast to Apple.)
  2. Once logged in, visit your Podcasts page.
  3. Click on the podcast you want to check.
  4. Click “Ratings and Reviews” from the menu.
  5. This will show your average rating for the default region, your total number of ratings, your spread of 1-to-5-star ratings, and your reviews.
  6. Click the country name dropdown just above your average rating. (This might default to “United States.”)
  7. Select a different country.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you've checked all the countries (up to 175).
  9. Repeat all of these steps every time you want to check if you received any new podcast reviews.

This will only work for podcasts in your Apple account. If you don't have your podcast in your own Apple account, then you'll need to go through the steps to reclaim ownership in order to view your reviews with this method.

Method 2: Use Podgagement to find your Apple Podcasts reviews automatically

Podgagement not only automatically checks all 175 Apple Podcasts regions for you, looking for and collecting your new podcast ratings and reviews, but Podgagement also does this every few hours!

Even better, you don't have to manually check anymore because Podgagement will send your new reviews to you as soon as they're available! You can receive them via email, RSS, Slack, or roll your own integration with Zapier or IFTTT!

This saves you about 1,400 clicks every day!

Here's how to set up your podcast with Podgagement:

  1. Create an account on Podgagement (you can pick a different plan if you need to track more than 1 podcast).
  2. Log into if you're not already taken there.
  3. Click “Add podcast(s).”
  4. Search for your podcast by title or your name.
  5. Select the podcast(s) you want to add.
  6. Click the “Add” button.
  7. Click the “View” button below your podcast to be taken to that podcast's Podgagement dashboard.
  8. After a few seconds, this will show your global average rating, global total ratings, global total reviews, the number of countries represented, and the number of platforms.
  9. Click “Ratings and Reviews” from the menu.
  10. This will show your ratings and reviews from all 175 Apple Podcasts catalogs, plus some other platforms.
  11. Sit back and relax because Podgagement will notify you by email as soon as it finds another review for your podcast!

As you can see, Podgagement will save you significant time immediately and especially in the long term! No more manually checking for new podcast ratings and reviews!


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