March 2024 Podgagement Updates

Spring has sprung and so have several new Podgagement features and updates!

Here's what we launched in March 2024!

Show off your ratings social proof on your Love and Follow pages

If you're proud of your number of ratings, display them on your and pages!

This will default to visible for 50 or more ratings, but you can change that minimum threshold or turn off the ratings completely.

Love and Follow pages have their own settings, so you can choose to show your numbers on one page but not the other.

Change your settings here, or change your settings here.

Copy your individual reviews or feedback with two clicks

Podgagement already made it easier than Apple Podcasts to copy and paste your reviews. But we've made it easier than ever! No more selecting and copying the multiple separate parts of your reviews and feedback. Now, you can copy the entire review or feedback message with only two clicks!

Click here to jump to your podcast reviews.

Export podcast reviews and feedback to CSV

You can now export your all or the filtered view of your reviews or feedback to a CSV for use in a spreadsheet. This is great for podcasting agencies!

Click here to jump to your podcast reviews.

Get transcripts and downloadable MP3s of your audience voicemails

For Constellation members, all voicemail feedback will be automatically transcribed, making it easier for your to use and search. The transcript will even be included when you use our new 2-click Copy button!

And for easy use in your podcast, you can download a high-quality MP3 of each voicemail.

Click here to visit your podcast feedback inbox!

Share individual feedback with the public

When you receive podcast feedback you love, whether written or voicemail, you can now share that individual feedback just like you can with individual reviews!

Click here to visit your podcast feedback inbox!

Add your affiliate URL to your shareable pages

If you're a member of the Podgagement affiliate program, you can now add your affiliate ID to your Podgagement settings to turn make any “Powered by Podgagement” badge on your pages use your affiliate link. So you could even earn some extra income from sharing pages with your audience!

Click here to monetize your shareable podcast pages!

Other updates

  • You can now customize the “Thank you” message displayed after someone uses your page.
  • We improved the page-loading performance throughout Podgagement.
  • We improved the settings pages to have a better structure and more clearly communicate what each setting does.
  • To make picking the right branding color easier for you, we now suggest only dark colors that we automatically detected from your podcast cover art. You can still use any color you want, but make sure it works by looking at the light- and dark-mode previews in your branding settings.

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