Meet Podgagement, the revolution of My Podcast Reviews

Four years in the making, we're thrilled to announce the pending launch of our all-new revolution of podcast engagement tools to upgrade My Podcast Reviews:

Podgagement®: Engage your audience. Grow your podcast!

New review-tracking features

Although ratings and reviews do not affect your podcast ranking, they are powerful forms of engagement with your audience that you can leverage for building community, growing your podcast, securing sponsors, and opening opportunities. But reviews are only one form of engagement.

With the coming upgrade to Podgagement, you'll still be able to track your ratings and reviews from nearly 200 places, and now with more features!

  • Embed your reviews anywhere.
  • Track your star ratings (with or without written reviews) visually.
  • Add welcome messages or even videos to your and pages.
  • Track reviews from more sources, including Goodpods, Audible, Amazon Music, and more to come.
  • Tag reviews for smart integrations with third-party tools like Zapier, IFTTT, your own website, and more.

All of these features and more are being added to everything My Podcast Reviews has offered for years and rolled into our new Astro tier.

If you're an active member of My Podcast Reviews, we'll migrate you to the new Astro tier with all the these new features but without a change in your subscription price when we launch!

All-new engagement tools

With a focus on engaging your audience, Podgagement adds a new Constellation tier with all the same review-tracking features from the Astro tier, plus these all-new features:

  • Collect voice feedback and written messages from your audience through a new shareable webpage.
  • Track your ranking in top podcasts charts and special features.
  • Track your position in podcast-app search results to help your podcast SEO.
  • Track what podcasts are displayed as related from your own podcast listing and see what podcasts display yours as related.
  • Monetize your podcast with your own support webpage to take donations through popular payment methods or Podcasting 2.0's “value” feature.
  • Support in-app comments from multiple podcast apps and Podcasting 2.0 cross-app comments (when the standard is finalized).

And this is only the beginning! The migration to Podgagement is built on modern technology that will enable faster innovations to bring you more benefits so that you can engage your audience and grow your podcast!

(Not all new features will be available at launch.)

Future features for networks and agencies

Along with all these new features, we'll be listening to the needs of large networks and podcast agencies to offer a Galaxy tier with all the features from Astro and Constellation, but with added team management, delegation, deeper customization, and white-labeling. We expect to have the Galaxy plans available in 2024.

Easier pricing plans

The move to Podgagement will also simplify our plans. Instead of paying for podcast slots you might never use, Podgagement lets you pay per podcast. You'll start by selecting how many podcasts you want to track, and then you choose the plan level you want: Astro, Constellation, or Galaxy (when available).

No more huge price jump from being bumped into a higher bracket by adding only one more podcast! No more complicated calculations. Just a straightforward flat price based on how many podcasts you want to track.

And if you need Constellation features for one podcast, but only Astro features for others, you can easily create separate accounts to pay for only the features you need for only the podcasts that need them! This comes at no cost penalty because you'll pay for only the number of podcasts you need to track!

Next-generation structure and performance

Let me take a moment to speak in the first-person here. When I launched My Podcast Reviews in 2014, the programming was done for me by someone else. I struggled with that codebase and it was difficult to deploy new features and even small improvements. But I personally rebuilt Podgagement—previously codenamed “v2″—from the ground up on modern standards. This brings a much more management structure and much better performance to the whole system.

Plus, it always bothered me a little that My Podcast Reviews was my only product that I did not personally build, but only directed its development. Now, Podgagement has been all me. I put my heart into every line of code and I think you'll love the results as much as I do!

There might be some bumps in the upgrade road

We ask for your patience as we will probably hit some bumps and bugs during the migration and first weeks of Podgagement. But we'll be listening to feedback, both bug reports and feature requests!

The new site will be, which we'll switch to when we launch. Our X account is already switched over to @Podgagement.

Lock in lower pricing before the upgrade!

Podgagement officially launches this month, before International Podcast Day! If you've been interested to join My Podcast Reviews, or your subscription lapsed, now is the best time to sign up! Until Podgagement launches, you can lock in the current lower price and get automatically upgraded to the new Astro plan when it launches.

Click here to join now!

P.S. The beautiful and amazingly brilliant new logo was designed by James Kennison, host of That Story Show. Look at the logo closely. Do you see something hidden in it?


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