New feature: Love the Podcast™ will help you get more ratings and reviews

Until now, it's always been a little frustrating to give your audience the right places for rating and reviewing your podcast: Android users can't use Apple Podcasts, newer Apple products don't have “iTunes,” and so on.

And while reading or mentioning your reviews are great ways to get more reviews, how do you get that first review?

Meet Love the Podcast™!

The right links for your audience

Love the Podcast™ automatically displays only the rating & review platforms and labels compatible with your listener's device.

  • iTunes for Windows and macOS 10.14 and earlier
  • Apple Podcasts for iOS and macOS 10.15 and later
  • Podchaser for all devices
  • Stitcher for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Castbox for all devices
  • More coming soon!

A custom, friendly URL for easy sharing​

Make your own memorable URL, like, or make a pretty link with your own domain.

This fits smoothly into your written and spoken calls to action. For example, “Love the podcast? Then please rate and review at…”

Stats coming soon!

You'll soon be able to see privacy-respecting information about how your Love the Podcast™ page is used, including devices, regions, clicks, and more. We're actually already recording this information, so when our stats interface launches, you won't be missing any data!

We also already support UTM parameters, so you can add those to your Love the Podcast™ URL if you want that extra detail in your stats!

A little background

From My Podcast Reviews creator, Daniel J. Lewis:

When I first registered the domain for My Podcast Reviews in 2014, I registered another domain with it because I always had the idea to create a smart and easy way for podcasters to get more reviews even if they didn't have any, yet. The more we planned and worked on that feature over the years, the more it grew into something even bigger! But that sister domain is now too small to fit our vision.

Love the Podcast™ starts with ratings and reviews, but it will be even more in the future! I hope you'll use it in your podcasting workflow and get to enjoy the many benefits yet to come!

Daniel J. Lewis, creator of My Podcast Reviews and host of The Audacity to Podcast

Get started today!

To start using Love the Podcast™, open your podcast from the “My Podcasts” page and go to the “Love the Podcast™” tab. Then, either copy the default URL or personalize your URL and copy that.

Now, mention the URL in your podcast, share it in social media, and link to it from your show notes and website so your audience can Love the Podcast™!

A couple smaller updates

With this release, we also improved the experience for adding new podcasts to your account. You can now jump directly to the podcast(s) you just added. And if your podcast is still updating when you visit, you'll see a progress bar on the ratings and reviews tab until the process completes.

Thank you for using My Podcast Reviews!


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