Quicker alerts for new podcast reviews

Wouldn't it be nice to be notified more quickly when you receive new podcast reviews?

We heard you and now you can!

Before now, My Podcast Reviews would check your podcast for new reviews only once per day. If you got a new review only a couple hours later, you wouldn't know about it until the next day.

While this was quick enough for some members, we wanted to serve you faster!

We've optimized things for you to now check your podcast multiple times a day so that you can see your new reviews more quickly!

Because this could increase the number of emails you receive, we made this an opt-in feature. Here's how to activate it—at no extra charge!

  1. Log in to My Podcast Reviews.
  2. Click on a podcast.
  3. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  4. Change the “Email Alerts Schedule” option to “As soon as possible.”
  5. Repeat for any other podcasts in your account.
  6. Enjoy quicker alerts for new podcast reviews!

Not interested? No problem! Do nothing and we'll continue sending your email alerts on the same schedule as before (daily, weekly, or never). The default was daily, but that will default to as soon as possible for any new podcasts you add to your account.

Even if you don't change your email alerts schedule, any integrations you're using will now update more quickly, too!

And you can change the alert schedule anytime if the new-review alerts ever get to be too much (a nice problem to have, right?).

Thank you so much for using My Podcast Reviews to save your time, help you get more reviews, and grow your podcast!


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