Track your Podchaser reviews in My Podcast Reviews and more!

Over the last year, we've been making some major improvements to My Podcast Reviews and we're thrilled to share them with you, plus give you a sneak peek at some of what's still coming in 2020!

Podchaser support!

Our top feature is now available! You'll now get your reviews from Podchaser (like the “IMDB” of podcasts) along with your reviews from Apple Podcasts and Stitcher! These reviews display in your account and will be delivered to you just like before. And there's nothing you have to do to start receiving your reviews from Podchaser because we automatically match up your podcast!

Beautiful new shareable reviews

We redesigned the shareable pages for your individual podcast reviews and added the metatags necessary so they look great on social networks, too!

Redesigned email notifications

Let's be honest, our emails looked bland before. But now, we think they look great! You'll find that the reviews in your account look just as good, too!

Major performance improvements

We rebuilt several backend parts that result in lightning-fast speed improvements! It used to take 1–2 minutes to process each podcast, but now it takes only seconds! You'll especially notice this when you add a new podcast to your account and see all your latest reviews collected almost before you blink!

Long-time customers might have also noticed the podcast pages with all your reviews were starting to get slower, but we fixed that and now those pages load fast, too!

And it used to take hours to refresh everyone's podcasts, resulting in unpredictable delivery times, but now it finishes quickly in the mornings so your reviews will be sent at more consistent times.

All-new account-management system

It's now much easier to upgrade, downgrade, cancel, resubscribe, or update your information through our completely new account system!

All-new affiliate program

Did you know we offer an affiliate program? Log in and apply to earn a recurring 10% from everyone you refer through your link (as long as your account is in good standing)!

Improved RSS feed

Each podcast you add to your account gets its own RSS feed that displays all your reviews and refreshes according to the podcast's refresh schedule. The feed is now fully compliant with RSS 2.0 so you can integrate it with anything that supports RSS, like IFTTT, Zapier, Slack, any feed-reader, and more!

The feed works well with standard RSS tools, and if you want even more versatility, we also split the review data into additional tags. Here's an example:

<title>Thank you so much for this podcast.</title>
<mypodcastreviews:author>Roller Mum</Podgagement:author>
<mypodcastreviews:platform>Apple Podcasts</Podgagement:platform>
<pubDate>Wed, 31 Jul 2019 19:02:46 -0400</pubDate>
I have just listened to #55 the 7 deadly fears and it was so helpful. I also listened to #160 and both have been so helpful. The show notes are fantastic as well. I was going to take notes and realised I don’t have to! Thank you for sharing your gift.
<guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>
<p>★★★★★<br/>Apple Podcasts • July 31, 2019</p><p>I have just listened to #55 the 7 deadly fears and it was so helpful. I also listened to #160 and both have been so helpful. The show notes are fantastic as well. I was going to take notes and realised I don’t have to! Thank you for sharing your gift.</p><p><em>Roller Mum from Australia</em></p>

Advanced RSS-readers will let you leverage these new tags to get full control over how you display or integrate your reviews! (Watch for more information about this coming soon!)

What's still coming in 2020

We have some huge secret features still coming, but here's what we can tell you now.

  • Members-only resources: exclusive videos, audio, and more to help you get more reviews, use your reviews effectively, increase audience-engagement, and learn from successful podcasters—all exclusive bonuses for our valued customers.
  • Ratings: we've focused on tracking the written reviews for your podcast, but we'll soon be able to let you track the star-ratings that are left anonymously without written reviews.
  • Network and agency options: you'll soon be able to offer the other podcasters on your network access to their own accounts on My Podcast Reviews so they can enjoy extra benefits by being part of your network. Podcasting-service agencies will be able to get even more features, like white-labeling.
  • Deeper integrations: we'll be making it even easier for you to integrate with your website, Slack, Zapier, and more, and with customization and automation options.

This is only the beginning!

We're really excited about all the new benefits we have planned to help you better know, engage, and grow your podcast audience! We can't wait for you to try these new features and what's still to come!

If you need any help, please contact us via email or our live chat.

Getting personal here, I (Daniel J. Lewis) started creating My Podcast Reviews in 2013 and I'm so honored by and grateful for your support through all these years—and I hope many more to come!

Thank you for being a 5-star podcaster!


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