My Podcast Reviews is now Podgagement!

Get your Stitcher podcast reviews emailed from My Podcast Reviews!

Stitcher is the #2 podcast directory after iTunes, and Stitcher surpasses all other podcast apps and directories. Listeners can rate and review your podcast on Stitcher, just like on iTunes.

Now, you can get your Stitcher podcast reviews emailed to you automatically through My Podcast Reviews!

Watch Daniel J. Lewis's video below to learn more and see how to add your Stitcher URL to My Podcast Reviews.

This new feature is exclusive to premium users. So join, upgrade, or start using this today!

We're sure you'll love this new feature! But we know you may also get disappointed that you won't have many (or any) Stitcher reviews. Now is a great time to make your own /stitcher URL and start asking for those podcast reviews!

Please comment below to let us know what you think of the new Podcast Settings page and the Stitcher integration.

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