Get Your Podcast Reviews in Slack, Change Email Sending Conditions, and More

My Podcast Reviews supports 3 popular platforms for podcast reviews (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Podchaser). We're adding another in April!

In the meantime, we've published several improvements to make things easier for you. Here's what's new.

Quickly see review totals from the My Podcasts page

When you visit the My Podcasts page, you can now see the total number of reviews each podcast has in a little badge next to each podcast's title. This will make it easier for you to compare the engagement between podcasts, or see the quick totals.

Access settings inside each podcast

With more options being added for each podcast, the Podcast Settings page was getting overwhelming. So we moved the settings into a tab inside each podcast. This will make it much easier for you to see and adjust the settings for your podcasts while you're looking at each one.

Change email-sending conditions

You might have noticed a new setting! If you're tired of seeing “No new reviews” in your inbox several weeks—or even several days—in a row, you'll love this new option!

Changing the “Send email” condition affects only whether emails are sent. It doesn't change the refresh schedule or your reviews RSS feeds and integrations.

Here's what each option does.

  • Always: This is the default option, behaving as My Podcast Reviews has for years. You will receive emails according to the refresh schedule even if you don't have any new reviews.
  • Only for new reviews: This new option sends the emails only where there are new reviews. If you haven't received new reviews since the last refresh, you won't receive an email. But you'll still receive emails when you do have new reviews.
  • Never: This new option completely disables the email notifications of new or no reviews. Your podcast will still be refreshed according to its schedule and your new reviews will be visible in your account and through RSS and other integrations, but you won't receive any regular emails for this podcast.

We think you'll love these new options to help keep your email inbox tidy!

Receive your new reviews in Slack

We've made it extremely easy to receive your latest podcast reviews in Slack! There are no API keys to worry about, no mandatory third-party integrations to connect, and no extra app to add to your Slack team. It simply uses the versatile RSS Feed app, which you might already be using in your Slack team.

Open the “Integrations” tab on your podcast and click on the “Integrate with Slack” feed to copy the command, then simply paste that into whatever teams, channels, or direct messages you want in Slack. You'll see the full text of each review, along with information about the review and the public link to share it.

Get help and answers

So you can make the most of your My Podcast Reviews, we've created and are adding to our new Help & Documentation page. This answers common questions, like:

We'll continue adding to these based on your needs.

Guess and you could win a free subscription or renewal!

We've been tracking and reporting several podcast industry statistics, and Apple Podcasts is about to reach the major milestone of having 1 million valid podcasts!

To celebrate, we're hosting a contest to guess the date Apple Podcasts hits that mark. Click here for more details and to enter for free!

All winners will be awarded a free 1-year “Solo” subscription or renewal (or $50 credit for higher accounts). But you better hurry because the contest closes when Apple Podcasts reaches 975,000 podcasts!

That's all for now. We're constantly improving My Podcast Reviews and we welcome your feedback!

Whether you're staying home or have to go out, please stay safe, wash your hands, and keep podcasting to help your audience stay engaged and sane!


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