How to Use the Podcast Image Maker

Podgagement's Image Maker allows you to easily create beautiful images for promoting your podcast on all kinds of platforms. You can share your favorite podcast reviews, show off your total podcast ratings, or beautifully showcase your square podcast cover in an image better-sized for your preferred social network.

Video overview

How to launch Image Maker

There are three ways to open Image Maker:

  • Click on “Image Maker” under the Tools section of the main menu. (Click here to visit.)
  • From your Ratings & Reviews page, hover/tap any review and click the “Make Image” button to open the Ratings & Reviews Image Maker.
  • From your Branding Settings page, set “Social image” to “Image Maker” and click “Make an image” (or “Remake” if you've already made an image) to jump straight to the Social Image Maker with the right size for social images.

Choose an image types

Image Maker currently supports two types of images, with more coming in the future:

  • “Social Proof” images that focus on your podcast as a whole and your total ratings and reviews.
  • “Ratings & Reviews” images that let you turn any individual review or non-anonymous rating into an image.

Customize your image

The process to customize your image is the same for each type of image, following these four steps:

  1. Choose a template.
  2. Choose a size for your needs.
  3. Customize the color settings.
  4. Toggle the optional elements.
  5. Optionally save a default style

Here is more information for each step:

1. Choose a template

Start on the “Template” tab to choose from the multiple templates Podgagement offers depending on the type of podcast image you'll be making. These offer attractive and versatile ways to promote your podcast in a style you like.

The templates affect the entire look of the image, and you can customize each template through the additional steps.

2. Choose a size for your needs

Switch to the “Size” tab to pick from the most common sizes you might need so you can visually promote your podcast anywhere!

Podgagement's Image Maker offers the following size layouts:

  • Square (1:1 ratio, 1,440 × 1,440 pixels), perfect for Instagram and might work for social/branding profile images
  • Tall (9:16 ratio, 1,440 × 2,560 pixels), perfect for vertical video, like on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and such
  • Video wide (16:9 ratio, 2,560  ×  1,440 pixels), perfect for use in widescreen videos and might work great on websites or social sharing
  • Social wide (1.91:1 ratio, 2,560  ×  1,340 pixels), perfect for embedding on webpages to be shared to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, X-Twitter, and such

Each size will make minor adjustments to the scale and layout of your image to make the best use of the space.

3. Customize the color settings

Switch to the “Color” tab to start customizing the look of your image before you download it.

The “Light” and “Dark” modes invert the coloring of your image with the intention that “Dark” will have a dark background with light foreground text, while “Light” will have a light background with dark foreground text.

“Background style” toggles between using a solid color or generating an abstract and unique background based on your podcast cover art. The abstract backgrounds look best in “Dark” mode, but you'll see some subtle difference with the “Light” mode, too.

“Custom primary color” will default to whatever color you've customized in your Branding Settings. But you can override this with a different color Podgagement detected from your cover art, or set a completely custom color. The primary color will be used as the background in “Dark” mode, and colors some elements in “Light” mode.

4. Toggle the optional elements

Switch to the “Elements” tab to further customize your image to your liking. Here, you can toggle the visibility of most elements in the image, allowing you to optimize your use of space or show off only what you want.

The optional elements will vary for each image type and template. But you can easily toggle them to see how they affect your image. Some toggles even slightly adjust the context for clarity. For example, showing the “Total ratings” on a social image but not the “Rating stars” will remove the word “from.” Toggling those vice versa sometimes makes the stars larger.

5. Optionally save a default style

After adjusting the image to your liking, click “Save default style” to reuse all your settings in Template, Size, Color, and Elements the next time you open Image Maker for this podcast.

These defaults are set per podcast, so if you have multiple podcasts in your account, they can each have their customizations.

After saving a default style, those settings will be applied whenever you reopen Image Maker, such as when making an image for a new podcast review you receive.

Download or save as social image

When your image is ready, press “Download” to get a high-resolution, high-quality, uncompressed PNG.

We offer the images larger and higher-quality than you might actually needs. So you might want to resize or compress the images depending on your use. Try TinyPNG or Image Resizer if you don't already have an app you prefer.

When you select the “Social wide (1.91:1)” image size, you also have the option to save it as the social image embedded into the shareable pages Podgagement provides. Those are your,,, and more pages.

Use your images anywhere!

Show off your images on social networks, include them in your videos, embed them on your website, send them to guests or sponsors, and more!


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