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Integrate with Slack

The easiest way to get your review notifications in Slack is to use Slack's own RSS app. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Log in to Podgagement and open your podcast.
  2. Switch to the Integrations page.
  3. Click on the highlighted command after “Integrate with Slack” to copy the command.
  4. Log in to Slack and open the channel where you want your reviews to appear. This can be a public or private #channel, a direct message, or even Slackbot.
  5. Paste the Slack command you copied and press Enter.

It will take a moment to connect and display your latest review. After that, you'll receive a notification for each new review according to your podcast's refresh schedule.

To disconnect from Slack

  1. Log in to Slack and open the channel where you're receiving review notifications.
  2. Enter /feed list to see all your subscribed feeds.
  3. Copy the ID number of the feed you want to remove.
  4. Enter /feed remove ID-NUMBER and that feed will be removed.

The feed will then be unsubscribed and you won't receive notifications in that Slack channel anymore.


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